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Top Four Haircare Routines

The most famous hair care routines have four main elements; Cleansing, conditioning, air drying, and heat styling. According to celebrity hairstylists, these four hair care routines are important for every type of hair. We are not saying that your hair care routine MUST have all of these elements. For example, you may not use heat on your hair but because these four elements are the basic hair care routine components, we are going to cover them all in this article. Cleansing The goal of the cleansing is scalp centric because hair health starts at your scalp. It is crucial for all types of hair, to get completely clean and clear of buildup. For those who are blessed with fine hair,...

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Hair Care DIY Tips

Hair Care DIY Tips DIY beauty tips are both good for your soul and the environment. Our self-care DIY tips aim to inspire a moment of relaxation at the end of a hectic day. Recipes made of organic ingredients are great for your hair. Moreover, investing some time to pamper you is equally important. It will leave you reinvigorated and fresh. In this article, we are going to share some DIY hair care tips to restore your hair to the natural shine. Herbal DIY Hair Rinse Recipe: Take some lavender and nettle leaves, put them in a hair tight jar covered with organic apple cider vinegar. Leave it for infusion for 14 days. After two weeks, strain out the leaves...

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