Top Four Haircare Routines

The most famous hair care routines have four main elements; Cleansing, conditioning, air drying, and heat styling. According to celebrity hairstylists, these four hair care routines are important for every type of hair. We are not saying that your hair care routine MUST have all of these elements. For example, you may not use heat on your hair but because these four elements are the basic hair care routine components, we are going to cover them all in this article.

  1. Cleansing

The goal of the cleansing is scalp centric because hair health starts at your scalp. It is crucial for all types of hair, to get completely clean and clear of buildup. For those who are blessed with fine hair, cleansing is not difficult at all. Make sure you do not skip to work on lathering up past the nape of your neck because we often miss that spot. If you have relatively thicker hair, you should get it first, and then comb it out. Now split your hair into two sections so that your scalp penetrates the shampoo easily. Always use hydrating shampoo.

How often should you wash your hair depends on the texture of your hair. Also, your hair texture is the key to deciding on the right hair care products. For instance, thicker hair people should use moisturizing products and follow an organic oil massage routine for smoother hair. If you have fine hair, you should avoid oils and use a shampoo that can give some volume to your hair.

  1. Conditioning

After cleansing your hair deeply, never forget to apply a good conditioner to restore the moisture that shampoo strips away from your hair. Finer-haired people should apply conditioner from the ends to the tips of their hair and avoid roots where conditioning can get greasy. Whereas, thicker-haired people a great deep hair conditioner is a must-have product. If you have thicker hair, pile on or scale back a conditioner thoroughly.

  1. Heat-Styling

Whether you have thick hair or fine hair, if you are using hot styling tools you must use some sort of thermal protection. Certain heat-styling rules must be followed to protect your hair. Always use the lowest heat possible to get your desired results.

  1. Air drying

It is a good practice to give your hair some break from the heat. If you are using an air dryer on thick hair, you need a heavier product to lock the moisture and get your desired hairstyle without any hair damage. Use thick creams and oil-infused gel for that reason. However, fine hair needs light products such as mousse to add life from the hair roots and add some texture. Once, your air drying is complete, do not mess with it again. As that can make your hair look frizzy.

Once, you get to know some great hair styling products and techniques for these routines, get ready for your dream hair to follow. Style your hair with Cool hair accessories and keep slaying!