The latest trend in skincare: Minimalist Skincare

In this post, you will discover one of the new breakthroughs in skin care: Minimalist Skincare. Thanks to this post, you will find out what it is, how it works and why try it now.


Recently, also due to the precarious situation in which we found ourselves living, a new lifestyle has been discovered, based on the concept that less is more. This concept has invaded the whole sphere of our life and, skin care, is no exception.

Minimalist Skincare is not just a passing fashion, but it is essentially a new way of living the beauty routine. This new way of seeing the beauty routine will also help you minimize waste and help you feel free and less stressed.

In recent times, the hottest trend in skin care was Korean Skincare. This beauty routine involved the use of many products with various preparations, active ingredients, serums, and lotions to be used following a schematic order.

Minimalist Skincare has completely changed this routine, pushing towards the use of simple, essential and above all natural products.

What is Minimalist Skincare and why choose it?

Few but good products. It is the mantra behind the philosophy of Minimalist Skincare. In addition to being made up of a few steps, the basic idea is to use products formulated with few ingredients, preferably organic or natural. This allows us to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, or possibly to understand more easily what works or not for our skin.

Therefore, a Minimalist Skincare routine can be even more effective than one with many products, especially if we are not very knowledgeable about ingredients, pH of products, and conflicts between active ingredients.

How is a Minimal Beauty Routine composed?

If we think about what our skin really needs, we realize that it is not much. In fact, the essential steps for a correct skin beauty routine are:

  • Cleaning: a very important step is cleansing, to be performed morning and evening, to remove excess sebum, pollution, and dirt from the skin, allowing subsequent treatments to penetrate more deeply.
  • Hydration: hydration allows the skin to remain young, vital, and luminous. In both cases, customization cannot be missing: every skin type, in fact, needs specific ingredients and textures. Finally, we recommend using products with ingredients that do not clog pores and consequently do not allow the skin to breathe.
  • Exfoliation: removing dead cells (through a scrub, a peel or simply, an exfoliating tonic), has an illuminating effect and allows better oxygenation of the tissues.
  • Protection: the most powerful anti-aging cosmetic, is sun protection. This too is an indispensable product in our routine. A good rule is to spread some on the back of the hands as well as on the face, to prevent the appearance of spots. Also remember that when it comes to sun protection it is better to spend a little more. And above all, choose a cream that can protect you from both UV and UVB rays.

We now have all the information to create our routine and keep it essential. In fact, simple and essential skin care is both easier to follow and easier to maintain in the long run. And being constant is much more important, to keep the skin healthy and young, than the quantity of products you are going to use. This, together with using only what really makes the difference, will easily lead us to optimize our time and our results.