The Immune System as the Prevention of Disease

The outbreak has increased the urge in us to understand how our immune system works. Our immune system is like a wall that prevents diseases from entering our body. If you have a robust immune system, you are less likely to have illness. 

Your immune system is always on the run of fighting germs and bacteria from entering the body. There are many healthy habits to adopt and health supplements that you can take daily to have a robust immune system.

 3 Ways to Boost your Immune System.

 There are many things like a healthy diet and exercise that can boost your immune system. Many fruits & vegetables like apples and broccoli can support health. 

There are healthy habits one can adopt to experience a greater degree of protection. Below is a list of ways to boost your immune system:


  1. Good Hygiene

 Adopting healthy habits and having good hygiene can save you from diseases and viruses. 

 Always shield your mouth with a mask and sanitize your hands after every outdoor exposure.

   2.  Proper Food 

 As mentioned previously, a healthy diet can boost your immune system. Consuming processed food can weaken the body leading to increased health vulnerabilities. 

A diet high in unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates provide a   rich supply of vitamins and minerals. It will help you have a strong immune system. 

  1. Drink Water 

As your body cannot survive without water, it is crucial to drink an adequate amount of water for your body weight. This can be calculated by taking your body weight and dividing by 2. This number equals the number of ounces of water to consume per day.

Water helps the body to flush out toxins and assists in overall immune health. Consuming the proper amounts is a crucial step in attaining a strong immune system. 

Natural Supplements to Boost your Immune System 

Keeping a healthy body is key. Many types of research show that using supplements rich in vitamins and minerals can improve your immune system. 

Here is the list of supplements that have the potential to boost your immune system:

 1. Vitamin C

 Vitamin C plays a critical role in your body to function correctly. The “Vitamin C by Nature’s Bounty for Immune Support” supplies a 500 mg dose. 

  1. Zinc 

Zinc is widely used as a supplement in healthcare products as it helps you boost your immune system. The “Solgar Zinc Citrate 30 mg” is one of the best supplements rich in zinc for a healthy immune system.

 3. Vitamin D

Orange juice and many dairy products are rich in vitamin D as it is a fat-soluble nutrient. Vitamin D is also essential for your immune system to function correctly.

 Many people often have a Vitamin D deficiency and coupled with the tendency of being indoors more often now, also affects the immune system. Many supplements are rich in Vitamin D for children as well as adults. 

The “Vitamin D3 by Nature’s Bounty for Immune Support” is highly beneficial for the immune system. 


 Having a strong immune system is vital for every human being as it protects from getting sick. Taking immune-boosting supplements and a healthy diet can help you achieve robust immune health. 

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