Aromita Diffuser + 6 Free Organic Aroma Scents For Your Wellness

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Be self-aware, calm, and tranquil with this  

It has different operating modes and an easy on/off button. We have included with your diffuser a 6 pack of Organic Aroma Essential Oils, just drop 2 or 3 drops in its tank, turn on your Aromita and turn on the LED light for fun as it has a soft glow that gives you calm and peace. Diffuse essential aroma oils in the diffuser while you lounge and cook, meditate, or do yoga and say goodbye to the stress or depression and anxiety or any nervous tension and negative emotional effect on your mind. Enjoy the gentle mist of these pure fragrances and achieve inner peace with the body, and mind!


  • Made from tough ABS polymers.
  • Ultrasonic function.
  • The tank holds the capacity of 290ml. 
  • It has different operating modes.
  • Inbuilt Soft Glow LED Light that can be turned on or off.
  • Auto shut off when the tank is empty.
  • Washable filter.


  • All oils are 100% natural organic oil, with no chemicals or additives added.
  • You get 6 FREE 10oz bottles, total 60 Fl. Oz of 6 different luscious Organic  Aroma Essential Oils.  
  • Each bottle can do about  20 hours of Aroma approx.

Select humidifier from wood grains colors like NATURAL OAK AND MAHOGANY RED and select AROMA SCENTS from 

PACK A- SENSUOUS COLLECTION: Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Cherry, Violet, Lilly. or 

PACK B- TRANQUILITY COLLECTION: Sandalwood, Green Tea, Bamboo, Sea, Vanilla.

** You may also buy the packs separately when you are out.**

** The product is meant simply for lounging and relaxing, home Spa, and entertainment purpose only.**